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  Frederick Kann (1884-1965)


Frederick Kann was a generation older than many of the artists he later joined in the American Abstract Artists group. As an elder member and someone who had also been a member of avant-garde circles in Europe, Kann was looked to as a leader of this burgeoning artistic movement.

Born in Gablonz, Czechoslovakia, Kann studied at the art academies in Prague and Munich. In 1910, Kann emigrated to Canada, where he worked as a commercial artist, and eventually moved to New York. By 1928, Kann was in Paris, where taught and exhibited his work over the next several years.

During this time, he joined Abstraction-Creation, and exhibited his work with the group in 1934 in a show that also included work by Delaunay, Gorky, Kandinsky, Moholy-Nagy, and Mondrian, among many others. In 1936, he returned to America to accept a teaching position at the Kansas Art Institute, where Thomas Hart Benton was also an instructor. He settled in Los Angeles in 1942, where he opened the Frederick Kann-Frank Martin Gallery, later known as the Circle Gallery, which was one of the first galleries to exhibit abstract art in Los Angeles.



Frederick Kann


Untitled, 1931




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